V-MOD is a Long Term - State of the Art - Data Storage and Retrieval System - custom designed for Siemens fitted power plants and refineries, where long term storage of the DCS (Distributed Control System - Siemens Teleperm XP/T2000 software) data processing is currently performed by replaceable MOD (obsolete magneto-optical-disc). The V-MOD is designed to EMULATE the presence of a MOD (a TXP system operating requirement), allowing itself to intervene in the data storage process without altering a single aspect or line of code in the pre-existing system architecture. Once connected to the network, it instructs the TXP system that an MOD is present, rendering the actual MODs redundant. So, it is a long-term storage solution which APPEARS to the system as one MOD, allowing it to work without any costly upgrades to the operating system. Hence: “Virtual MOD.”! Magnetic Optical Discs were introduced in 1985. As a technology, they have long since been superseded, and are now almost totally redundant. Siemens stopped supporting this technology in 2008.
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