SIMATIC DP ET 200M IM 153-1 interface module

There has been long term issue at _________ plant with the IM153 communication modules. The OEM declared these modules obsolete and replacement parts as incompatible. The only solution recommended by OEM was a multimillion dollar control system upgrade.

Bohemia Market contacted its hardware suppliers and they were able to find the modules in the open market. An offer was prepared for the power plant after confirming availability with the suppliers. Unfortunately, these modules were sold prior to receipt of official purchase order. OEM got these spare parts out of market to make its case. 

So. Bohemia Market had to recall its offer. In order to find a solution for the issue at hand regardless and regain trust of the customer, Bohemia Market investigated possible technical alternatives and proposed test of new modules as per OEM manual. Following combination of modules was recommended:

  • IM153-2 6ES7 153-2BA10-0XB0 
  • Base Module 6ES7 195-7HD10-0XA0 
After successful testing at the plant in collaboration with the customer, Bohemia Market delivered hundreds of compatible modules, thus resolving the issue. This successful solution is one of many where Bohemia Market helped its customers to resolve seemingly impossible issues where the OEM argued that the only solution is a complete system upgrade. 

We at Bohemia Market put the customer first, every time and all the time.
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