SIMATIC NET Optical Switch Module OSM TP62

This switch has following ports
  • 6 x 10/100 Mbps autonegotiation/autocrossover ports TP connectors (RJ-45 Ethernet)
  • 2 x Fiber optic ports - multimode graded-index fiber
There are two principal networks at TXP / T2000 system for which OMSM / ESM modules are being used.

There is possible to use Scalance network switches as recommended by OEM. Any other switch can be used, however it has to be capable of creating network ring structure.

  • Plant bus The network structure of the SINEC H1 bus system enables communication between the individual sub-systems of TXP. It mainly allows communication between AP’s (Automation Processors) and OM 650 system. Special hardware (networking cards ) is required to allow this kind of communication.
  •  Terminal bus It’s a standard TCP/IP network where each node has a unique IP address and node name.
Siemens Teleperm XP (T2000)