6ES7 331-7PF10-0AB0
The SM 331; AI 8 TC, 16 Bit (internal 24 bits by the sigma delta method) features the following characteristics:

  •  8 differential inputs for thermocouples (TC) in 4 channel groups 
  • Optional setting of the thermocouple type per channel group 
  • Rapid measured value updating for up to 4 channels 
  • Measured-value resolution 23 Bit + sign (independent of integration time) 
  • Programmable diagnostics 
  • Programmable diagnostic interrupt 8 channels with limit monitoring 
  • Programmable limit interrupt 
  • Programmable end-of-scan-cycle interrupt 
  • Programmable reaction to open thermocouple 
  • Galvanic isolation to the backplane bus interface
More at the manual S7-300 and M7-300 Programmable Controllers Module Specifications

Siemens Teleperm XP (T2000)