The Star Coupler Supervisory Modules HSSM and HSSM2

The supervisory modules HSSM (Hub Status Supervisor Module) and HSSM2 provide defined fault alarms and warnings from the star coupler as hardware signals. These signals can be incorporated into the existing TXP alarm strategy via the automation cabinets. Either module can be used as an alternative to MIKE management card, but just as for the MIKE they must be inserted into the far right plug-in slot in the undivided and in the far right plug-in slots in each half of the divided star coupler . Either module can be inserted and removed online (after insertion a self-test must be activated). The cards are not provided with fuses. Figure 24 shows the front panel of the HSSM module and the pin-out of the front panel connector followed by a table listing the meaning of the LEDs

Siemens Teleperm XP (T2000)