The SS52 board is an interface board for the SINEC L2 DP PROFIBUS protocol. It is inserted into one of the three slots of the CS7 subrack, corresponding to the actual configuration. A maximum of three modules can be inserted in each support board. The interface module has a serial RS485 interface conforming to the PROFIBUS Standard. This interface is floating (electrically isolated). The interface is physically located at the 9-pin sub-D socket connector X5.

The connection to the support board is established via the CS7-SS4/SS5 /1/parallel interface at the 48-pin plug connector X1. In addition to the data-, address- and control bus, this connection is also used to connect the, +5 V, +15 V and -15V module power supply. Data transfer with the processor boards is realized via a 16-kbyte dual port RAM, which is located on the support board.

A double test socket and a double LED, assigned to each slot, are provided on the support board.

User Manual for Interface module SS52 has 2 editions:
  • SS52 Interface Module - 02.1996
  • SS52 Interface Module - 04.1997
Siemens Teleperm XP (T2000)