The IOC 4T Input / Output Card acts as a signal interface for the VM 600 series MPC 4 (Machinery Protection Card). It is installed in the rear of the ABE04X rack and connects directly to the rack backplane via two connectors.

Each IOC 4T is associated with a specific MPC 4 and is mounted directly behind it in the rack. The IOC 4T operates in slave mode and reads data and clock signals from the MPC 4 via an Industry Pack (IP) interface through connector P2.


• 6-channel signal interface card for MPC 4 (Machinery Protection Card)
• Screw terminal strip (48 terminals)
• Ensures EMI protection for all inputs and outputs
• Contains 4 relays which can be attributed to alarm signals under software control
• 32 fully-programmable open-collector outputs to RLC card (jumper selectable)
• Provides buffered raw, voltage and current vibration outputs
• Live insertion of cards possible
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Siemens Teleperm XP (T2000)