From OEM Manual:

The MPC4 Machinery Protection Card is the central element in Vibro-Meter’s VM 600 series Machinery Protection System. This very versatile card is capable of measuring and monitoring up to 4 dynamic signal inputs and up to 2 speed inputs simultaneously.

A variety of speed sensors may be connected (e.g. systems based on proximity probes, magnetic pulse pick-up sensors, systems providing TTL signals). Fractional tacho ratios are supported.

• Continuous on-line Machinery Protection Card
• Real-time measurement and monitoring using state- of-the-art DSP techniques
• Fully VME-compatible slave interface
• Fully software configurable via RS-232 or VME
• Four programmable inputs (e.g. vibration, pressure, etc. ) and two programmable tachometer inputs
• Programmable broad-band and tracking filters
• Performs simultaneous amplitude and phase monitoring in order tracking mode
• Programmable Alert, Danger and OK set points
• Adaptive Alert and Danger levels
• Front panel BNC connectors for easy analysis of raw signals
• 7 front panel LEDs showing monitoring status and alarms
• Provides power supply for ICP accelerometers, proximity systems, and many Vibro-Meter front-ends
• Live insertion / removal of cards possible
Vibro Meter
Siemens Teleperm XP (T2000)