The interface board SE21.2 is designed in the SIMADYN D system as an interface between the PS16 digital control and the converter power section of a SIMOVERT S or SIMOVERT D drive (inverter motor or cyclo-converter). It converts and prepares the current and voltage actual values from the converter to SIMADYN D signals or signal groups.

The released version of the board is upwards compatible to the previous board version SE21.1 (6DD1681-0CB1) with the following restrictions: 
  1. The pins 3 and 4 on the burden module are no longer connected to 2M . Application with single pin sources, where this is necessary, require the corresponding connector pins X1: Z4, Z8, Z12, Z20, Z24 or X2: Z16, Z20 to be connected to 2M . 2M is connected to X1: b6, b10, b14, b18, b22, b26 and X2: b18, b22 . 
  2. The designations of the components on the board have been changed. Replacement of a SE21.1 with a SE21.2 requires the equipment documentation to be updated. 
  3. If un-used terminal or connector pins on the SE21.1 board have been used as common points, then they must be compared with the pin allocation on the SE21.2 . (Several terminals and connector pins have been additionally used on the SE21.2 for new functions).

User Manual for Interface module SE21.2 has 2 editions:
  • Interface module SE21.2 - 04.1991
  • Interface module SE21.2 - 05.1995
Siemens Teleperm XP (T2000)