The SR6 housing is designed for mounting SIMADYN D boards and the power supply SP7. The mounting system ES 902 C is utilized and has the board format of 233.4 x 220 mm according to IEC 297.

The subrack has 6 slots, each separated by 1 1/3 SPS, the back plane wiring is implemented via multi layer circuit boards. All slots are designated with a labeling strip.

The power supply SP7 (6DD1683-0BB0) is utilized for the system power supply. It is designed as a plug-in module into the right hand section of the SR6 subrack and is supplied as a component of the SR6. The subrack and the power supply are designed for non-ventilated air cooling (see also chapter power supply).

User Manual for Subrack SR6 has 1 edition:
  • Subrack SR6 - 05.1995
Siemens Teleperm XP (T2000)

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