AS 620 Automation System SYS 900 - Monitoring and Signaling Module

This module is used in TXP for monitoring cabinet signals such as temperature, voltages, door contacts and actuates cabinet lamp. This module is succeeded by  the  6ES5-482-4UA20

  • 16 inputs and 
  • 16 outputs
  •    OR 
  • 24 inputs 
  • 8 outputs
The modules are designed as plug-in PCBs for central controllers and expansion units with backplane connector and with a blade connector to accept a plug-in front connector. The front connector has screw or crimp terminals and is available separately.

Fitted to each module is a strip with green LEDs to indicate the logic states of inputs or outputs. The LEDs are arranged in bytes and marked bit 0 to 7

Module is described in Siemens System Manual order No. C79000-G8576-C199-07 and AS 620 racks order No. C7900-B8076-C633 E01

  • BE1 INT1 - Signalling loop input 1 internally
  • BE2 INT2 - Signalling loop input2 internally
  • BE3 EXT1- Signalling loop input 1 externally
  • BE4 EXT2 - Signalling loop input 2 externally
  • BE5 - Not Assigned
  • BE6 PSOPER - Fuse for operating voltages
  • BE7 PSBUS - Fuse for bus power supply
  • BE8 PSVOLT - Fuse for other power supplies
  • BE9 - Not Assigned
  • BE10 TUER - Door Contacts
  • BE11 TEMP - Temperature Monitor
  • BE12 FANWARN - Fan warning / tier fan
  • BE13 WTAUSCH - Heat exchanger
  • BE14 QS - Acknowledgement signal
  • BE15 LT - Lamp Test
  • BE16 - Not assigned

Siemens Teleperm XP (T2000)

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