This module is a function module IP 265 for High Speed Sub Controls of 95U modules category

The use of FPGA technology in the IP 265 makes it possible for the first time to meet high speed requirements for sub controls of an overall system with a freely programmable SIMATIC S5 module. Hardware connections are also set up on the IP 265 by loading memory contents into an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array).

A special user program (IP 265 user program) must be loaded into the IP 265. 

There are two options:

  • A program generated to suit specific user requirements or 
  • Fixed-programmed standard software from Siemens 
Special COM (COM 265) is available for free programming of the IP 265. More details in manual EWA 4NEB 812 6130-02a  

Similar modules are:

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Siemens Teleperm XP (T2000)